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from our Clients

Ramón Rodrigáñez Riesco

Co-Founder & COO

NOVA Talent

"The Nine Sapiens program has been really helpful to the Nova team and we are very grateful.

Learning about the Enneagram has been very useful for our work in Recruitment and Selection, but perhaps I would highlight how it has allowed us to better understand each other as a team, understand our strengths and weaknesses, and better empathize with the motivations of others.

The session was really a lot of fun and we really enjoyed it"

Juan Faz

Section Lead

International Organization in the United Nations system

“Claudia’s coaching style, her paced and targeted approach, and her very extensive knowledge have allowed me to tap into resources I wasn’t aware I had. Her insights are inspiring and lead to self-awareness. She is extremely professional and knows how to get the best out of her coachees.”

Ronald Mayne-Nicholls

Business Director

Individual Life Insurance


“In my experience, high performance is achieved when one and those with whom one forms a team manage to behave in a particular way, sustained over time. This supposes a very important level of self-knowledge and determination, which are not achieved spontaneously. Our work with Hugo allowed us to advance in a very important way in the identification of these particular behaviors, through the connection between self-knowledge from the enneagram, the understanding of the personal Enneatype's own barriers to high performance and the concrete strategies to "dissolve ” these barriers and behave to achieve the required standards. Hugo helped many of us make these changes in a surprisingly insightful and practical way.”

Montse Gomá

Customer Experience & Marketing Cluster Lead

Leading Pharma Company

“Participating in the Enneagram Workshop taught by Claudia Nario has far exceeded my expectations.  I have been able to reflect on how our behaviors follow patterns according to profile types, in identifying my profile and that of the people around me, but we have not stopped at this point, but have also provided us with very practical tools that will be very useful to establish more efficient communication both professionally and personally.  Starting my personal improvement plan now!”

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