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Our book

Find the foundations of our model in this book, which concentrates the results of three years of theoretical research on the most recent findings in genetics and behavioral neurobiology, evolutionary psychology, and their parallel with the Enneagram types.

Some comments:

"This book charts a new path in our understanding of the Enneagram. In the tradition of Robert Sapolsky’s “Behave,” Nine Sapiens describes how who you are today is a combination of inherent biological mechanisms and the countless micro-experiences that shape the expression of those mechanisms. In a well-reasoned, coherent, and robustly sourced work, they lay out a compelling argument for freeing the Enneagram from mystical mumbo-jumbo and grounding it in science and reason. That they do so in such a readable and entertaining way makes the book all the better."   

Mario Sikora 

CEO, Awareness to Action International

“Fascinating story that combines the arcane universe of neurotransmitters, the antediluvian Sapiens and the Enneagram. No one will come out unscathed from a reading that produces soothing effects.

Francisco Rivas Larraín

Writer and Neurosurgeon

"Open it.  Just open it and start reading. "

Antonio Castillo , Editor


“A truth told with closeness, intelligence, and a dose of humor, that will captivate all those who accept the invitation”.

Curt Micka

Coach, Attorney, Former President of the International Enneagram Association (IEA)

"Nine Sapiens surprises us with new hypotheses: before the agricultural revolution, even before the cognitive revolution, a revolution would have happened in the psycho-social domain: in the personality structure!"

Aldo Calcagni G. (Dr. Phil.)

Consultant and Director of the YinCco Ontological Coaching Program

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